Clean Water - Clean Environment

We operate the five sewage treatment plants, the main collector in Pustertal and the sewage sludge drying and incineration plant on behalf of the Pustertal Wastewater Consortium.
We treat the wastewater of the entire Pustertal Valley, dispose of the residues and thus ensure that our domestic waters are kept clean.

On our homepage, we would like to give you an insight into our work and give you extensive information about our water, waste water and the disposal of sewage sludge.

Our locations in the Pustertal Valley

ARA Tobl ARA Tobl

IDA, TRA + TVA in Tobl


ARA Innichen - Sexten ARA Innichen - Sexten

Waste water treatment plant in San Candido

ARA Wasserfeld ARA Wasserfeld

Waste water treatment plant in Welsberg

ARA Sompunt ARA Sompunt

Waste water treatment plant in Badia

ARA Unteres Pustertal ARA Unteres Pustertal

Waste water treatment plant inMühlbach


Latest news

Coronaviruses in wastewater as an indicator of the spread of infection

Three wastewater treatment plants in the Puster Valley participate in an epidemiological study of the University of Innsbruck

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Full operation despite Covid-19

Because of the Corona pandemic, many things cannot function as usual at the moment. Nevertheless, our sewage treatment plants remain in operation!

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The sewer is not a waste treatment plant

Whether for the baby's face, cleaning the bathroom, our buttocks or cleaning the cow's udder - there are cleaning cloths for everything. They are practical and are increasingly replacing conventional toilet paper, the good old washcloth and cleaning cloth. A further advantage: disposal. You simply throw everything into the toilet.

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